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We innovate to transform live events broadcasting and realization

We leverage in the 5G network capabilities (ultra low latency, edge computing, increased bandwidth) to allow real time - no latency video streaming either from professional cameras with 4K broadcast quality or from mobile devices, wherever a 5G connection is available, replacing the need of expensive satellite based solutions.

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Our products

5G enabled backpack

Extremely light. Allows the connection of the professional video camera to the 5G network.

Video streaming mobile app

Converts each citizen in a potential reporter. Allows to upstreaming HD video from the mobile device to the 5G network.

Video realization software

Virtualized and deployed in the edge of the 5G network to reduce latency. Ingest different video feeds from different sources and enables remote video realization.

Video streaming software

Integrated with the Broadcaster systems, allowing them to receive video and audio feeds from the 5G network, replacing the need of the satellite.

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